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Who are We?

At, we are dedicated to empowering African communities through art, environmental sustainability, and cultural heritage preservation. Join us in our mission to nurture talent, protect the planet, and celebrate the rich tapestry of African culture. Together, let’s create a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come. Explore our programs and get involved today!

Elevate African Artistry: Join Us in Empowering Communities!

Our mission at

Facilitate African art exchange globally through workshops, seminars, and cultural hubs like museums and libraries for African children. We aim to enhance cultural access and visibility, fostering dynamic connections between artists, communities, and businesses to achieve shared artistic goals.

Our vision:

Create safe, accessible spaces for community artists, children, and families to engage with art as education. Embracing cultural diversity, we serve as both an incubator and catalyst for creative projects, inviting local participation and dialogue.

Our goals:

Promote African art and social development, emphasizing the importance of children's involvement in the arts. Raise awareness of African artists through residencies, competitions, and workshops. Establish safe, inclusive environments where children and communities can explore and appreciate art.

Experience Our Work at Royalafrican

  • Ignite Change with Art: Participate in workshops that bridge cultures and spark creativity.
  • Empower Youth: Support programs that offer educational opportunities through art for African children.
  • Conserve the Environment: Help us plant trees and promote sustainability in African communities.
  • Build the Future: Contribute to the creation of libraries and museums that enrich local heritage.

Donors - Royalafrican Art Fund

Peter Diem
Karel Appel
Marion Baars
Nel van Duijker
Geoffrey Wijn
Bram Heiderman
Mila Jeleznikova
Eugenie Dammer
Hemmechien Knip
Henrike Kowalk
Ellen Langendam
Ton Eyssen
Sabine Spaanderman
Johann H.R. van den Noort

Rob Veening
Tiny Sommers
Johan Tunzi
Jan Teunissen
Esther de Bot
Martha Fyrigos
Petra Smits
Else Thonhäuser
Patrick de Snoo
Hedwig Schlötjes – Belle
Anky Floris
Hilly van Eerten
Joanna Paskewicz
Ellen van Toor
Renske Groenendijk
Mieke Winnubst
Eric Poelert
Ruben de la Rive Box

Brigitte Kleiberg
Justus Donker
Judith Habraken
Sharon Overmars
Eveline Kubbenga
Henk de Bouter
Jan Van der Ster
Maria van Raalten
Bilal Chahal
Jennifer Koorndijk
Harry Versteegen
Maurits Zijp
Marisa Rappard
Erik Zwezerijnen
Pieter Zandvliet
Marion van der Veen
Consuelo Plaza Aranda
Daniel Wichers

Maxim De Sio
Daudi Kalungi – Afriart
David Oduki – MoMAA

Royalafrican Foundation promotes visual African art and cultural exchange through educational programs and environmental sustainability initiatives, fostering art appreciation and creative expression in African communities.


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